How do I sign into the portal?

Click the SIGN IN button at the top right hand side of screen. You will then have an option to register.

If you have previously applied to the Heart Foundation, please use that same email address when registering.


I have not received an email confirmation of an application being submitted

Please check your spam/junk mail folder. Additionally, you can track your application’s progress in the portal.


I cannot find my Institute

Try searching with asterisk e.g. *Newcastle* for University of Newcastle

Only NHMRC Administering Institutions are accepted by the Heart Foundation. To check if your institute is approved by the NHMRC, please go to:


What happens if my application is not submitted and/or endorsed by my administering institution prior to the closing date?

Your application will not be eligible and therefore it will not continue to peer review.

Always check with your institute’s research office as to their preferred date for your submission. They may have timeframes in place to ensure endorsement before our closing dates.


Can I navigate my application via the progress bar?

Yes. Once you start your application, you are able to progress to any page by clicking on the number of the page. The number on the progress bar will turn to green once you have completed a page and will be blue when you are working on a page. If you click to a new page and you have not clicked the Save & Next button, the data on that page will be lost.


I would like to complete my research plan in a word document, how can I upload it?

Unfortunately, we will no longer be accepting documentation via uploads. The Research Portal has been set up with rich text fields where you can copy and paste data from other documents. Formatting will be maintained in the rich text fields depending on the source document type.  Additionally, you will need to insert photos and graphs via the insert picture button. Photos/graphs will appear in the text box once you insert them.  


How do I insert a picture/graph to my application?

Pictures should only be used for your Research Plan.

You will need to use either Google Drive or One Drive to upload pictures/graphs to your applications. Once you have saved your files to your preferred account, please use the appropriate steps below.

Google Drive

  1. Find your picture in your Google Drive
  2. Right click and select SHARE
  3. Once the sharing box opens, click on GET SHAREABLE LINK, in the top right-hand corner of box
  4. Change the properties of the picture to be “PUBLIC ON THE WEB” and save
  5. Copy the link that has been created and then go to
  6. Copy in the link that you created for the picture and then click “CREATE PERMALINK
  7. You will see the picture appear below
  8. Right click on picture and select COPY IMAGE ADDRESS
  9. Back in your application, click on the picture icon in the rich text box and paste this link in the URL box

One Drive

  1. Find your picture in your One Drive
  2. Right click and select EMBED
  3. A box will open to the right of screen. Click GENERATE and copy the link generated
  4. Back in your application, click on the picture icon in the rich text box and paste this link in the URL box

Changing the size of your picture

In your application, click on the picture icon in the rich text box. Once you have pasted your link in the URL box, you will be able to adjust the width and height of your picture. Alternatively, once your picture is inserted, you can right click on the picture and click on IMAGE PROPERTIES. Ensure the padlock image is locked to keep the aspect ratio of you picture. It is recommended that the largest side of you picture be no greater than 500 pixels.

Please note that each picture will use approximately 120 characters of the character limit.


Can I print my application?

Yes, the Research Portal is set up for friendly printing. Once you have submitted your application, you can go in and view the application. Simply right click anywhere on the page and the click print.




How do I get feedback on my application?

The Heart Foundation receives over 500 applications for funding each year. All eligible applications are reviewed through our independent Peer Review committees who generously volunteer their time. For this reason, only, limited feedback is provided.

  • There is no feedback for applications that are unsuccessful during stage 1 of the peer review process except Health Professional Scholarship.
  • If you have been unsuccessful in stage 2, you will receive quantitative feedback with your notification.
  • If you have been unsuccessful in your Future Leader Fellowship interview, you will receive a report from the committee.

As our Research Program staff are not involved in the reviewing of applications, they will not be able to provide any additional feedback.


A member of staff is leaving the grant. What should I do? 

This is a project variation, please advise our Research Program as soon as you become aware of any changes to your project.

Further details at:


Can I transfer my award?

Transferring an award between institutions must be approved by the Heart Foundation and a number of conditions need to be met, for example, the new administering institution must be able to provide the facilities and services necessary to carry out the award. The awardee must have agreement from both institutions involved and a new funding agreement must be signed by the new institution. If you are co-funded by the NHMRC, any request to transfer to another administering institution must be made to the NHMRC.

Further details at:


Can I apply for an extension?

Extension requests must be made three months prior to the award end date and will not be considered if there are outstanding milestones against the award. Requests made after the end date will not be considered.

Scholarship extensions can be granted for a maximum of six months and may cover both time and stipend. Fellowships and grants may be extended in time only.

Further details at:


I need to take a break from my research, can I do this?

Requests to take leave of absence (e.g. maternity leave, carer’s leave, health leave), must be made four weeks prior to the first day of the proposed leave and must be made while the award is still tenable. 

Further details at:


How do I go about reducing my hours?

Change in FTE applies to scholarships and fellowships only. The minimum FTE is dependent on the award and is stipulated in award Instructions. If there is a change in budget, please see budget and project variations below.

Further details at:




Contact us

Technical Issues

Call 03 9321 1581 or email


Application Questions

All initial enquiries should be directed to the research office of your institution.